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Modern Tools for Wellness

Healbright offers 300+ videos led by mental health professionals on a variety of mental health topics. Our confidential courses make mental wellness accessible, engaging, and stigma-free.

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Some Healbright courses

Expert Therapists

Our licensed mental health professionals teach research backed-skills typically only taught in therapy. Gain access to scientifically proven therapeutic techniques from the comfort of your home.

Meditation, Psychology, Neuroscience

Healbright courses integrate tools from various disciplines for mind-body wellness.

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"Lisa Dion's course gave me the chance to see the bigger picture rather than being lost in the daily battles of parenting. She helped me have a better understanding of my children and in turn more patience and connection with them."

Lauren Forsythe, LPC, RPT

"Although my partner and I have a great relationship, we still had our problems communicating and found ourselves getting stuck in the same old patterns. Dr. Ben and Dr. Jenni's courses gave us the tools we needed to work through some of our issues and better understand each other."

Greg Reed

"Lisa's presentation is phenomenal with just the right balance of teaching, guidance, and science. Every parent needs to take this course."

Janine Wiskind, Pediatric occupational therapist
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