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Healbright and the National Wellness Institute

Each Healbright course is crafted by our team of psychotherapists and design experts to create a unique learning experience. We employ the latest research in the neuroscience of learning, clinical psychology, and meditation practice to deliver courses that lead to lasting emotional change.

These courses are eligible for continuing education credit (CEC) for NWI CWP, ACSM, NBHWC, and entry-level CHES. Complete the Course Evaluation & CEC Request Form at the end of the course to request a CEC certificate from the National Wellness Institute.

Dr. Arielle Schwartz - 3 CECS
Effective Techniques for Working with Death, Divorce, Break-ups, and Other Forms of Grief and Loss
Dr. Jean Leonard - 4 CECs
Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others: Practical skills for caregivers

Dr. Elia Gourgouris - 4.5 CECs
A Self Help Course: How to be happy, cultivate gratitude, and find fulfillment
Dr. Cheri King - 1 CEC
How dietary changes can reduce anxiety, depression, and difficult emotions

Dr. Ben Cohen - 4 CECs
The Imago Couples' Dialogue: Powerful tools for stronger relationships
Lisa Dion - 5 CECs
Practical Parenting Skills Drawn From Modern Neuroscience

Dr. Drew Brazier - 3 CECs
A Psychological Approach to Sustainable Weight Loss


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